MedLine MedLine Puller/Cutter

MedLine MedLine Puller/Cutter



Precisely pull and cut small diameter tubing with a MedLine® Puller/Cutter unit designed specifically to enhance the production of microbore tubing. This unit is available as a belt puller, a pinch roll puller, a cutter, or a combination puller/cutter.
The cutter portion of the MedLine Puller/Cutter is mounted on stainless steel rails with linear bearings that allow the cutter to be moved front-to-back and side-to-side to increase belt life and promote ease of string-up and coiling.

  • Precise pulling with servo motors
  • Eliminate belt slippage
  • Visible processing
  • Cutting capacity up to 2.0 inches
  • Touch screen control
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Features (click here to hide)

Simple conveyor setup.

Visible cutter head.

Built-in stainless steel particulate/overflow tray.

Stainless steel cabinet.

Optimum eye-level monitoring.

Precisely control belt tension.

Centered, guided material.

Precise pulling.

Safety features including easy-to-reach emergency stop buttons, polycarbonate knife guard, upper and lower clear polycarbonate belt guards, heavy-duty
lockdown screws.

Options (click here to hide)

Independent servo puller motors with precision low backlash planetary gearheads.

Choice of in-line planetary gear reducer ratios.  A reducer ratio of 28:1, 16:1, 7:1 and 5:1 can be selected.

Remote belt speed control option.

Digital belt gap sensor and readout option.

Optional intuitive taper/bump/bubble software.

10 inch touch screen control.

Stainless steel cabinet.

Left-to-right puller motion.

Variable blade speed in both demand and flywheel cutting modes.

Scrap mode.

Bushing lubrication system.

Multiple length and batch counts.

Follower cutting mode.

Digital belt gap sensor.

Tapered/bubble control tube/profile software.

2 inch cut capacity.

Guaging interface.

Specifications (click here to hide)

Models MedLine
Performance characteristics     
Extrudate capacity  inches {mm} dia. 0.25-2.0 {6.4-50.8}
Blade drive motor (3000 rpm) CSC cutter  Hp {kW} 3.25 - 4.4 {2.4-3.3}
Servo puller drive motor  Hp {kW}  1.0-3.25 {0.75-2.4}
Dimensions  inches {mm}     
A - Height  71.0 {1803.4}
B - Height to centerline, ±2 {±50.8}  42.0 {1067.0}
C - Width  40.0 {1016.0}    
D - Depth  27.0-36.0 {685.8-914.4}    
Belt width ±3/8 {±9.5}  1.0-3.0 {25.4-76.2}   
Belt traction length 12.0-20.0 {304.8-508.0}    
Reducer ratio/Belt speed     
  28:1  16:1  7:1  5:1 
 Available speeds  ft/min. 1.4 to 140  2.5 to 250  5.5 to 550  10 to 750 
 Weight  lb {kg}    
Installed  715.0-790.0 {324.0-358.4}    
Shipping  800.0-875.0 {363.0-396.9}    
Electrical requirements full load amps
Drive type (Puller)  Single or dual servo with precision planetary gearhead    
  1-3.25 Hp {0.75-2.4 kW}
  Single servo Dual servo
230V/3 phase/60Hz  13-20 16-30
460V/3 phase/60Hz  7.5-12 9.5-16.5
HMI control Touch screen