No Cooling Water Needed!
Why use water or any extra utilities if you don’t need them? These new dryers use air-to-air aftercoolers rather than the air-to-water units of yesterday. The air-to-air method saves not only water and associated costs, but also installation and maintenance costs.

dX Series Carousel PlusTM Dryers

dX Models 15-100

Mobile Performance for Up to 100 lbs/hr

dX Models 150 & 200

Mobile Performance for 150 to 200 lbs/hr
Mobile Drying and Conveying systems eliminate the need for machine-mounted hoppers by placing all components on a safe, convenient cart.

Set-up, pre-drying, clean-out and maintenance can all take place without tying up valuable process machine time, or climbing on the machine.

The dX system integrates an efficient Carousel Plus Dryer with a conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver to convey with dry air to the throat of a processing machine. The self-loading option adds an integral hopper loader which allows the dX to load itself. If you don’t need dry-air conveying, order a non-dry air conveying dX with a dryer and hopper, and add a self-contained vacuum loader.

The new DC-C control platform, with two feature levels to choose from, offers better control through more innovations than any other similarly sized dryer.

D Series Carousel PlusTM Dryers

D Models 15-100

Throughputs from 15 to 100 lbs/hr
Now with a 4-inch or 7-inch DC-C touchscreen control, Conair’s smallest Carousel Plus Dryers just got smarter! Dubbed the Carousel Plus, everything about this dryer is improved to help you stay profitable in a dramatically more competitive world market. The product improvements are an extension of the legacy of the original, workhorse Carousel desiccant dryers.

Purchase this dryer and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

D Models 150-400

Throughputs from 150 to Over 400 lbs/hr
Conair Carousel Plus dehumidifying dryers guarantee moisture removal from resins, regardless of moisture content. You can be assured your molded or extruded products will be unaffected by moisture content that can jeopardize their quality.

Equipped with highly efficient desiccant wheels, long-life tube heaters and powerful blowers, Conair D Series Dryers can be coupled with a single hopper for efficient resin drying up to 400 lbs/hr {181.4 kg/hr} or more. Or they can be connected to multiple hoppers, each equipped with their own heat source for efficient delivery of dry air in a central drying station configuration.

These D Series Dryers, models 150 through 400 offer a choice of full-color, high-resolution touchscreen controls for the simplest, yet most sophisticated control over the drying of your valuable resin.