Simultaneous Automatic Source-Desination Selection; Proofing

Conair’s AutoResin Selector (AS) is the most advanced automated material selection system yet. An operator uses the FLX-128 Plus to input which source needs to be connected to which destination. Using a heavy-duty stepper motor, the AS automatically adjusts the manifold connection sources and destinations, simultaneously, to connect the desired source to the desired destination — perfect proofing. A pneumatic clamping system assures accurate connections, and prevents leaks of pressure or material. No flex-hose is used in the AS, which guarantees long industrial life and secure connections.

Space-saving flexibility

Compact and efficiently designed, the AutoResin Selector uses less pipework than other material distribution systems, has a smaller footprint, and can be used vertically or horizontally

Eliminate operator error

No more accidental conveying of material from the wrong source to the wrong destination. The Conair FLX-128 Plus allows for customized naming of the sources and the destinations. The operator simply choses the correct source and the correct destination and the AutoResin Selector makes the material connection. This system eliminates the possibility of an operator accidently connecting the wrong tube to the wrong position.

High-quality, accurate, industrial design

Stainless-steel material contact points, heavy-duty servo stepper motors, anti-wear system, encoder position guaranteeing connection position accuracy to 1/50th of a degree, pneumatic clamping, motor torque braking system, quick coupling connections, and no flex-hose — just a few of the key reasons that the AutoResin Selector is perfect for medical and complicated industrial applications.

  • Heavy duty stepper motor driven selector arms
  • Communicates with the Conair FLX-128 Plus Conveying control
  • Anti-wearing system suitable for abrasive materials
  • Rotating arm in hard stainless steel
  • Positioning system - absolute optical encoder
  • Fast and accurate positioning
  • Leakage free system
  • Line cleaning with purge valve (required) on each material source
  • Multiple outlet configuration
  • All material contact points are stainless steel
  • The automatic manifold enables pneumatic conveying connections between sources and destinations