Simplified Operation Budget-Friendly Loading

Equipped with a simple on/off switch, the new EZLoad Series is at a price point that fits within a tight budget, and allows for simplified operation which meets the needs of 90% or more of everyday loading applications.

The EZLoad sets the load and dump times automatically, requiring no programming, adjustments, or operator settings. Simply flip the power switch to on, and walk away. At the end of production or the end of the shift, simply switch the EZLoad to off. There are no settings to adjust, no control screens or buttons to press; just turn it on and turn it off. It doesn’t get any easier.

Simple operation for everyday use

Loading times are automatically adjusted and even change to accommodate different bulk density resins.

Cost-competitive, without losing quality

In applications where all the available features of an advanced loading control are not necessary, the EZLoadTM Loader provides all the great design features of Conair’s most popular loaders, at a reduced cost.

Automatic control

The operator turns the unit on, and the loader does the rest. The EZLoad control was specifically designed for everyday loading applications where simple operation is all that is required.

35° angle

Provides easy access for cleaning.