Level Alarm Control

Level Alarm Control
Blender Accessories

Eliminate costly material shortage problems and machine downtime with Conair’s Level Alarm Control. Sensors mounted to your blender’s material bins constantly monitor the level of material within the blender. Audible and visual indicators will activate when material levels are above or below your sensor position depending on your selection.

Individual sensors are available with detachable monitoring cables for use with removable bins. Also, individual sensor switches allow you to change the level alarm to sense high or low material levels.


  • Multiple monitoring set points
  • Easy to install
  • Monitor up to six material bins, plus one
  • Easy disconnects for material bin removal


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Options (click here to hide)

Sensor cable length extensions (6 m, 20 m).

Additional capacitance sensors (for use with a surge bin or other material sources).

Remote alarms (compatible with Conair’s Universal Alarm Box).

Specifications (click here to hide)
Dimensions inches {mm}
A - Height 10.5 {267}
B - Width 5.2 {132}
C - Depth 5.0 {127}
Approximate weight  lb {kg}
Installed 7 {3.2}
Shipping 17 {7.7}
Voltages full load amps
110V/1 phase/60Hz 5
220V/1 phase/50Hz 2.5
Line voltage output
110V/1 phase/60Hz (2) 110V @ 2.5 amps
220V/1 phase/50Hz (2) 220V @ 1.3 amps
Dry contact voltage outputs
  24VDC @ 8 amps
  115VAC @ 10 amps