TrueBlend™ Reporting

TrueBlend™ Reporting
Blender Accessory, Software

Rising material costs, increased competition and demands from your customers make it absolutely essential for you to track your material usage. When you choose a Conair TrueBlend Gravimetric Blender you are already well on your way to making efficient use of every pellet of material you process. Pair your blender purchase with Conair’s new TrueBlend reporting and recording software for easy and precise tracking and documentation of your material usage.

Many different types of reports can be generated with the software including: Material data (shift); Batch data; Alarm messages; Scale data; Recipe parameters and Diagnostic data.


  • Precise inventory control
  • Product specification and quality
  • Identify your production costs for quoting jobs
  • Job tracking
Features (click here to hide)

Material Data Report (Shift Report) - Shows material usage within a date and time period you specify.

Batch Report - Shows current recipe, date, time, batch number, percentage of weight for each ingredient.

Alarm Report - Gives you a report of the alarm as it occurs and a summary of up to 100 events.

Scale Data Report - A report of the last calibration information.

Recipe Data Report - A report of all the recipes that have been saved.

Diagnostic Data Report - An advanced troubleshooting report.

Specifications (click here to hide)
TB Reporting Software
Computer 800 MHz Processor PC recommended with a minimum of 20 MB free hard disk space, 128 MB RAM, printer port, free serial connection using DB9 connector or an ethernet port (preferred). Mouse required.
Operating system Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP
Video SVGA
Printer Required for hard copy reports
Interface (serial or ethernet)  
RS-232 Serial Connection Serial cable using DB9 connectors
Ethernet connection Category 5 ethernet cable