Cycling Loader


Cycling Loader
Bulk Conveying Systems

Easily achieve high capacity conveying performance for bulk unloading from railcars to silos without the high cost of conventional vacuum/pressure units
in the same pounds-per-hour range.

Conair’s Cycling Loader works on a simple principle that delivers thousands of pounds per hour over long distances with one hopper and one pump, but without pump reversal and without using a rotary feeder. A series of trouble-free flapper valves and a four-way air flow reversing valve make the Cycling Loader a convenient, self-contained system that alternately uses the vacuum hopper as a pressure hopper. One 25 horsepower Positive Displacement Pump provides both the vacuum and the pressure power by the action of the reversing valve.

  • Simple and efficient
  • Industrial performance
  • Compact and mobile
  • Turn-key operation
  • Safe, solid, reliable
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Specifications (click here to hide)

Model Cycling Loader
Performance Characteristics
Hopper capacity   ft³ {liter} 7.0 {198.0}
Vacuum pump  Hp {kW} 25.0 {18.6}
Operating pressure   psi {bar} 5-6 {0.34-0.41}
Compressed air requirement 1 cfm @ 60 PSI {4.1 bar}
Material tubing   inches {mm} 4.0 {101.6} OD
Dimensions   inches {cm}
A - Height 90.0 {2286.0}
B - Width 84.0 {2133.6}
C- Depth 48.0 {1219.2}
Approximate weight   lb {kg}
Shipping 1300 {590}
Voltage   Full load amps
230 V/3 phase/60Hz 58
460 V/3 phase/60Hz 29