Material Vision Proofing


Material Vision Proofing

Close the efficiency gap in material handling by ensuring that source-to-destination connections are correct before conveying the wrong material to the wrong location.
The patented new Material Vision Proofing (MVP) System is easily added to Conair Resin Selection Stations and interfaces with loading controls to assure that routing decisions set at the control panel are made correctly, before material is allowed to flow. An automatic, traveling camera works with the loading control to make sure it can “see” the chosen connection with no wires, special sensors, or couplings. An incorrect connection inhibits material flow and signals an alarm. The press of a button tells the operator where the connection should go.

  • Connections simplified
  • Proof your conveying
  • Accommodate one or two RSS tables
  • Safe, solid, reliable
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Specifications (click here to hide)
Model MVP-6

Model MVP-12

Model MVP-6-S MVP-6-L MVP-12-S MVP-12-L
Performance Characteristics
Maximum number of materials 6 12
Dimensions   inches {cm}
A - Height 74.63 {189.55}
B - Width 64.44 {163.67} 113.38 {288}
C- Depth 52.94 {134.47}
Line size 1.75-2.5 {4.45-6.35}
Approximate weight   lb {kg}
Shipping 690{313} 1100 {499}
Voltage    Full load amps
120 <15