Wave Conveying™ (R-PRO™)

Wave Conveying™ (R-PRO™)
Material Distribution


Conair’s patent-pending Wave Conveying™ is distinctly different than conventional conveying. While the 5000 plus feet-per-minute speed of dilute phase conveying has been the preferred method of material conveying for decades, it was never ideal for some sensitive resins. Conair’s new Wave Conveying System uses controlled-speed conveying (300 – 2800 feet-per-minute) to move these more sensitive materials that often cause problems like dust, angel hair, or wear to conveying systems when conveyed at high speeds.
Testing has shown that Wave Conveying can accommodate a variety of throughput needs. As a result of the speed control used, common conveying issues with sensitive materials are eliminated.

  • Controlled resin flow.
  • Reduce dust, maintenance, angel hair, static and tubing wear
  • Patent-pending and retro-fittable.
  • Fully tunable manual operation.
  • Accurately measured conveying speed.
  • Use only the power you need.
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