DM3-e Drying Monitor

DM3-e Drying Monitor

Conair extends the legacy of the patented Drying Monitor with the introduction of the DM3-e; the latest generation of proven technology for analyzing drying performance from inside the drying hopper.  Available as an embedded dryer control option the model DM3-e can save you time and money, by early detection of poor drying parameters allowing you to correct potential issues before you have processed improperly dried material. The DM3-e model can monitor up to 15 hoppers. DM3 is also available as an independent touch panel display, for monitoring up to 30 hoppers. Contact Conair for more information on the DM3-i.

  • Don't waste time, energy or material
  • Early warnings, early detection of problems
  • One hopper, or multiple hoppers
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Features (click here to hide)

Choose single or multi-hopper. DM3-e can be used with a dryer connected to a single hopper, or a dryer providing a centralized source of dry air for up to 15 hoppers, integrated into a ResinWorks system as selected on this set-up screen.


Your drying hopper in detail. Each hopper being monitored by DM3-e will display its critical drying temperature profile for examination and trending, and most importantly, assuring proper drying is taking place.


Advanced warning. When temperatures are not what they should be, Drying Monitor will be first to let you know with a flashing alarm banner and listing the alarm by date and time in the alarm log. 


Hoppers at a glance. Up to 15 hoppers are displayed and easily accessed for review or changing settings on the graphical touch screen interface panel.

Options (click here to hide)

The DM3-e can be supplied as an option to Conair dryers equipped with the DC-T touch screen control option.

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