DM3-i Drying Monitor

DM3-i Drying Monitor
Drying Quality Control

Conair extends the legacy of the patented Drying Monitor with the introduction of the DM3-i. Drying performance analysis occurs inside the drying hopper providing you with early detection of poor drying conditions and allowing you to correct potential issues before you have processed improperly dried material. With the DM3-i, you will have control of polymer drying, make defect-free parts, save energy and increase your profitability.

Now available as an independent touch panel, the DM3-i model can monitor up to 30 hoppers - even non-Conair hoppers. The DM3 is also available as a dryer option, embedded in the dryer control. Contact Conair for information about the DM3-e.

  • Don't waste time, energy or material
  • Early warnings, early detection of problems
  • Fits any brand hopper
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Features (click here to hide)

Up to 30 hoppers are displayed and easily accessed for review.

Each hopper being monitored will display the critical drying temperature profile.

Advanced warning with a flashing alarm banner.

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Monitor panel 
Front view Side view
Probe junction box 
Front view Side view
Model DM3-i
Control box type DM3-i monitor panel DM3-i probe junction box
Dimensions inch {mm} 
A- Height  13.0 {330}  10.0 {254} 
B- Width  14.0 {355}  8.0 {203} 
C- Depth  8.0 {203}  4.0 {101} 
Weight lb {kg}   
Installed   29 {13}  29 {13} 
Shipping  36 {16}  36 {16}