Resin Level Display

Resin Level Display
Material Storage Monitor

The Resin Level Display (RLD) monitors material levels for up to 40 silos or surge bins. All material levels are conveniently displayed from one centralized control platform.

Capable of being configured to monitor low, mid or high levels of material within a silo or surge bin, the RLD can be customized to fit your material level monitoring needs. Audible and visual warning indicators will energize to alert you to individual warnings for each monitored silo or surge bin.

  • Quality, reliable control
  • Selectable monitoring configurations
  • Customizable alarm activation
  • Simple-to-use interface
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Features (click here to hide)

Configurable low and high alarms.

Recurring alarms and alarm times (15 minutes - 4 hours).

Graphical representations of silo monitoring.

PLC (programmable logic controller) backup and restore.

Up to 12 analog inputs for material monitoring sensors (For example, ultrasonic or yo-yo monitoring systems).

Audible and visual alarms.

Configurable contacts (normally open and normally closed) used with paddle switch or capacitance level sensors.

Security (Each security level is individually password protected).

Options (click here to hide)

Ethernet communications.

Continuous silo level monitoring (with 4, 8 or 12 available quantities of analog input modules).

Ethernet communications with continuous silo level monitoring (with 4, 8 or 12 available quantities of analog input modules).

Remote alarm horn.

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Models RLD
 Performance characterisics
Maximum number of vessel 40, 20, 12 
Programmable logic controller Allen Bradley (A/B) Micrologix 1500
Operator interface A/B Panelview Micro 300 (3.2 inch)
Output voltage to devices 24 VDC
Input voltage to to devices   24 VDC
Power/Amps  120 VAC/10 Amps/60 Hz
Dimensions  of control cabinet  inches {mm}
A - Height 24.0 {609.6}
B - Width 24.0 {609.6}
C - Depth 8.6 {218.4}
Approximate weight  lb {kg}
Installed 60 {27}
Shipping 72 {32)
Alarm noise level
  103 dbA @ 2 ft