Conveying Revolutionized
Wave Conveying™

Wave Conveying™
eliminates common conveying problems in a whole new way. For plastics processors, it's truly revolutionary.
No More
Angel Hair

Conventional high-speed vacuum conveying is the reason for angel hair, streamers, and snake skins. We know this. For decades, we've all been using patches for these problems by adding angel hair traps, increasing maintenance intervals, making more frequent purchases and replacement of filters, installation of specialty elbows and installing cooling systems for conveying. None of these got to the root of the problem. Wave Conveying™ does. Conveying revolutionized.
Angel Hair Trap
System Wear - No Problem

The true costs of system wear are exponential and often hard to calculate. Regularly replacing tubing, filters, and equipment due to wear from the abuse of high-velocity conveying involves the hard-costs of purchasing, but also a lot of soft costs. Think about the hours that maintenance personnel or outside contractors spend fixing these problems, the production downtime, and unexpected system failures. Wave Conveying™ eliminates the system wear common with conventional systems. Conveying revolutionized.

per year,
per elbow.
Dust - Who needs it

Much like angel hair, the creation of dust is often our own fault. We know that material fractures and degrades as a result of high-speed conveying. Again, we use patches like dust collectors, dust separators, DeDusters®, cyclones, excessive filter changes, and filter drawers to eliminate the problems that come along with dust. Knowing that dust in our material creates bad end products, we're constantly trying to remove it. Dust is eliminated with Wave Conveying™. Conveying revolutionized.