Help Lightning™: a helping hand—extended through your cell phone


Help Lightning™: a helping hand—extended through your cell phone

To successfully problem-solve with you over the telephone, two things have to happen:  First, you must help us to “see” the equipment, the situation, and the problem as you do.  Then, we must help you “see” the solution that we see and implement it successfully.

Sometimes, that’s hard to do using words alone.  That is why Conair has now equipped our Service, Parts, and Support personnel with a new technology:  Help Lightning™.

Effective immediately, we can use this new “augmented reality” tool to assist you when you need more help than a phone call can provide. After you download the Help Lightning app to your device (free for Android or iTunes), the connection projects an image of your camera and your situation onto our screen, and allows us to project a helping hand onto yours.  Now, we can interact as though we’re standing side-by-side, working together:Conair’s Help Lightning™ technology, from the perspective of a customer

  • We can project our hands onto the image of your work area to point to various components or features of your auxiliary equipment. We can show which buttons to push to complete or correct an equipment program. Or, for example, we can demonstrate the motion required to loosen or remove a component, so you understand exactly what to do before you do it yourself.
  • We can telestrate (draw on the screen), using rings, lines, or arrows to highlight exactly where you can (or cannot) touch, where connections need to be checked or made, or where you can ‘plug in’ and get the data or readings you need to troubleshoot a situation.
  • We can also demonstrate the use of tools, meters, or monitors so that you can use yours more accurately and effectively.

By enabling us to project a helping hand, a motion, or even a pointer into your reality, or by allowing us to help guide your attention and hands as you work through a situation, Help Lightning really accelerates troubleshooting and problem resolution, reducing your downtime. The Help Lightning app is available in several forms: for desktop computers, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Rather than say more myself, I’d like to let Conair customers and employees explain further.  A Mexico-based customer explained the value of Help Lighting remote support this way:

“Remote support using Help Lighting gave us:

  1. Excellent response time from both you and your partner.
  2. Very clear and detailed explanations.
  3. 100% of Help Lighting cases were solved without need for further intervention.
  4. The availability to clarify questions in quotations or support situations.
  5. Excellent customer collaboration and communication.

 We want to thank you very much for your support on projects that involve CONAIR equipment. We hope to continue counting on your support.”

A member of the Conair team assists a customer with their auxiliary equipmentKim Bargeron, a Conair Field Service Representative, used Help Lighting to walk through the setup procedure for the FLX-128 Plus material conveying system, resolving a bit of lingering confusion for a Canadian customer. Kim explained:

“The next day, he called and was having setup issues again, so I did a Help Lighting session with him and in a couple minutes, I was able to see his problem, point out what he needed to correct, and explain how to correct it. . .”

Jerry Kemick, another member of Conair’s service team, stated:

“It is almost as good as being there . . . I helped two different customers with troubleshooting new dryers, to teach them the various parts of the dryer and about the electrical panel components.  I could read things down to minute detail.  I could even read the amp settings . . . We were able to figure out what was wrong, and I could point out where to put the meter and what component was needed to test. The troubleshooting went perfectly.”