NPE Recommendations – Smart Services™

NPE Reccomendations

NPE Recommendations – Smart Services™

Today, we’ll be sharing some more of our favorites in Orlando. These favorites can be found in NPE2018 booths W1845, W2163, and S14045.

This week, we’ll be sharing our favorite features and benefits of Conair’s Industry 4.0 solution, SmartServices™.

Alan Landers
Product Manager
Personally, I like to go to one device for all my information. That’s what made the smartphone so popular, right? It’s a phone, camera, computer, and more in one device that easily travels with you anywhere. SmartServices gives you those same advantages. On that handy pocket device, or any tablet/computer, you can access all the critical information that you need, for every production-crucial piece of equipment in your facility. Alarms emailed to the correct personnel. Now that’s smart.

Cloud-based forward thinking.
Sam Rajkovich
President – Sales & Marketing
Any smart factory system that isn’t cloud based isn’t thinking beyond the next year. Technologies that rely on a software program installed on your computer are not future-proof for upgrades to Windows® and require re-installation of software and maintaining old computers with old operating systems to keep your plant running. SmartServices uses a web interface, and is cloud-based. Perfect for today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

Customizable – individualized.
Chad Stover
Marketing Communications
Not everyone’s process is the same. SmartServices is perfect for anyone, because it’s totally customizable. One processor’s KPI display (Key Performance Indicators) may be entirely different than the next, and that’s exactly what we hoped when designing the dashboard. We want your dashboard to be just that – yours. Everyone values different data. AND, the dashboard presents any of that data in easy-to-understand graphics and charts, rather than lines of eye-chart mind-numbing numbers.

Uptime Guaranteed
Larry Doyle
No, this isn’t a copy of my post from last week, or the week before. SmartServices was designed to be part of the Uptime Guaranteed philosophy. We want you to not only have predicative maintenance information, but also key process information that allows you to improve your process. And with SmartServices constantly getting smarter as it is connected to thousands of pieces of running equipment around the world, it learns what data points indicate room for improvement or upcoming failures. Long before, and more precisely than other platforms that only offer predictive maintenance.

Automatic Updates
Bill Hricsina
International Business Manager
Much like an iPhone’s iOS, SmartServices is ever evolving and improving. It is not a static software program that offers today’s technology outdated tomorrow. Industry 4.0 technology is advancing very rapidly. As innovations occur, the dashboard will be revised, making SmartServices fluid – able to change with the future. To me, there’s nothing worse than being outdated as soon as the “next best thing” comes out.