NPE Recommendations – Variable Speed Chiller

NPE Reccomendations

NPE Recommendations – Variable Speed Chiller

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some more of our favorites in Orlando. These favorites can be found in NPE2018 booths W1845, W2163, and S14045.

This week, we’ll be sharing our favorite features and benefits of Conair’s EP2 Series Variable Speed Portable Chillers. These chillers are available as water-cooled or air-cooled, and can be seen in booth W1845.

Advanced PLC Control!
Alan Landers
Product Manager
I’ll admit it – I’m a “control freak”. The brains behind the technology of variable speed chillers is the PLC. The intelligence of the controls monitors load constantly and adjusts compressor speed for peak efficiency. It features enhanced diagnostics and gives operators access to over 150 parameters for complete monitoring and control. I don’t mean to brag – but it’s probably the smartest chiller ever. I’m thinking about a bumper sticker that says, “My chiller is in the honors program.”

Energy Savings – of course.
Sam Rajkovich
President – Sales & Marketing
I know a thing or two about compressors. I’m as happy having a conversation about digital scroll as I am any other topic. The facts are that the EP2 variable speed chillers use up to 56% less energy than their single-speed counterparts. That’s significant savings. In an industry where every penny counts, it’s nice to know you’re saving them every minute. Cool.

One size fits most.
Chad Stover
Marketing Communications
Before these variable speed chillers, you had to size a chiller exactly for your process needs. But then if your process grew, you were undersized. Or if your process changed that you didn’t need as much chilling power, you just wasted lots of energy every time your chiller turned on. Now, the EP2 10-ton chiller is perfect for any load from 3 to 10 tons, and won’t waste a bit of energy. Likewise, the 20-ton unit is perfect for any application from 3 to 20 tons. Very impressive. It’s like an El Camino – truck when you need it, car when you don’t.

Uptime Guaranteed
Larry Doyle
No, this isn’t a copy of my post from last week. With a variable speed chiller, speeds are perfectly matched to the demand. This means less stress on a unit since it doesn’t operate at wide-open all the time. Of course, not taxing your equipment means less downtime. And the advanced PLC easily connects to SmartServices. Uptime Guaranteed – again.

Perfect for climate variations
Bill Hricsina
International Business Manager
Most people would agree that their local climate changes quite frequently, hot and humid one day, cold and dry the next. Many use the adage: If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change. But just because the weather is unpredictable, that doesn’t mean that your Chiller should be. Some of my customers in Mexico ask me, “But how will it work here- where it’s hot, and sometimes quite humid?” The advantage to a variable speed chiller, with the advanced PLC, is that it re-evaluates and adjusts constantly – for any climate, anywhere, any time of year.