NPE Recommendations – Wave Conveying

NPE Reccomendations

NPE Recommendations – Wave Conveying

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some more of our favorites in Orlando. These favorites can be found in NPE2018 booths W1845, W2163, and S14045.

This week, we’ll be talking about Conair Wave Conveying™.  Wave Conveying is undoubtedly the biggest advancement in resin conveying technology in the last 60 years.  In booth W1845, we will have 2 live Wave Conveying stations.  Stop by and check it out – we’ll even let you push the buttons!  There are so many benefits (and literally no downsides) to using Wave Conveying, that we thought we would each share a few.

No more dust!
Alan Landers
Product Manager
“As product manager of Blending and Drying product segments, I know that dust wreaks havoc on sensors. Dust on sensors can negatively affect all aspects of material handling, but personally, I’ve seen dust significantly interfere with the blending process. Thankfully, Conair blenders feature a blow off option that cleans the level sensors, but without this option, dusty material can cover the sensor in a blender mixing chamber and cause an overflow or starving the machine. Both of these issues can quickly stop production in its tracks. With Wave Conveying, dust is virtually eliminated.”

No more angel hair.
Sam Rajkovich
President – Sales & Marketing
“If you’ve not seen the ads in nearly every trade magazine, you may not know that Wave Conveying totally eliminates angel hair. We had fun coming up with many clever ways to show this in advertising. We found that the idea was so foreign for some, that they couldn’t even imagine it – no more angel hair, ever. What will you do with all those angel hair traps? We suggest giving them to the kids to use in the sandbox to sift for lost Matchbox cars. “

Higher throughput.
Chad Stover
Marketing Communications
“Yeah, I was skeptical at first too. How can conveying slower produce higher throughput? It’s a matter of physics and geometry. Even though material is moving slower, much more of the available area inside the tube is being utilized for moving resin than air, so more material is moved. Result – increased throughputs with much more efficient use of energy. “

Uptime Guaranteed
Larry Doyle
“Less filter maintenance, no angel hair, no equipment wear – this all results in much more uptime. As part of Conair’s Uptime Guaranteed philosophy, we want to do everything we can to eliminate unplanned downtime from your work life. Wave Conveying is an excellent way to help accomplish this goal. “

It’s about time to catch the new Wave!
Bill Hricsina
International Business Manager
“The first change in material conveying that I have seen in my 30 years in the industry. A system that lets the user take control of the speed the material is conveyed to their machines. One that helps reduce wear on the bends and tubing lines, meaning less downtime for them and less cost to replace their very expensive bends. Wave conveying is the “wave to go” if you have abrasive materials, or materials that easily fracture and cause dust or soft materials that leave your lines filled with angel hair. By using Wave conveying you can greatly reduce or eliminate the problems you have experienced in the past so stop by and Catch the Wave at the Conair booth!”