ECB Series Cooling Tank

ECB Series Cooling Tank

Economy Cooling Tank for Tube, Pipe and Profile

ECB Cooling Tanks provide flood cooling or optional spray cooling for profile, tubing, and pipe extrusions up to 6 inches {152 mm}.

The internal plumbing for flood cooling has been designed to provide maximum turbulence to break up the warmer water that tends to surround and insulate the product, allowing maximum cooling efficiency. The spray cooling option enhances the heat transfer rate through evaporative cooling. Support and hold-down rollers keep the buoyant extrusion in place as it passes through the tank. The extrusion can be held above the water level, or submerged in the water of the spray compartment when the spray option is chosen.

Simplified features in an economy package

Vertical adjustment is completed by pumping a pair of hydraulic jacks built into the tank support system.

Tank lengths from 6 to 30 feet {183 - 914 cm}

Cross sections range from 8 x 12 {20 x 31 cm} to 16 x 16 inches {41 x 41 cm}. The wide range of sizes allows you to choose a tank that meets your needs.


  • Add a 2 Hp (40 gpm) recirculation system to the 12 or 25 foot lengths, or a 5 Hp (100 gpm) to the 30 foot model. The system includes a brazed plate heat exchanger, reservoir, and strainer filter.
  • An advanced filtration system with flush capabilities can also be supplied
  • An array of 4, schedule 80 PVC water distribution manifolds with brass spray nozzles for advanced evaporative cooling
  • UL certification

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