Intuitive Touchscreen Precise Drying

The EnergySmart® Dryer with TouchView™ Technology combines traditional drying with an intuitive full-color, touchscreen control that allows you to easily navigate and adjust all dryer system settings. This new, powerful control is designed for variable throughputs of 400 to 5,000 lbs/hr {181 to 2,268 kg/hr}.

All EnergySmart Dryers feature Optimizer™ Mode technology that automatically adjusts the dryer’s blower to match your processing machine. This ensures that you make high-quality, consistent product while dramatically reducing your energy cost.

Optional loading, trending and recipe control screens further expand the capabilities of your EnergySmart Dryer System.

Easy-to-use, full-color touchscreen

You’ll have more visibility and control of your drying system than ever before. View and control critical drying parameters such as airflow, dewpoint and temperature with intuitive screen navigation.

Real-time viewing of your process

View the drying temperatures, air flow, dewpoints and differential pressure of your process provided by sensors located throughout your drying system. Each sensor’s profile is stored to the dryer control’s memory for historical trending and fine tuning of the dryer.

Slash energy waste; reduce energy bill

The Optimizer™ mode works with the dryer’s variable frequency drive (VFD) to automatically adjust the dryer’s blower output to the processing machine. This feature reduces the blower output, minimizing the total amount of energy needed to dry at variable throughputs.

Variable frequency drive (VFD)

The VFD allows for automatic adjustment of the airflow to the dehumidifying drying circuit of the EnergySmart® Dryer.

Optimizer™ mode

Automatically controls the material temperature profile of the drying material based on environ- mental changes that may occur during processing.

Dewpoint monitor

Allows the user to monitor the performance of the dryer by providing a digital dewpoint read- out of the supply and return air.

Drying monitor

Automatically monitors the temperature profile inside the drying hopper. Working with the Optimizer™ mode, the DM-II drying monitor helps maintain the drying system’s performance.

EnergySmart® with TouchView™ technology
Trending screens

View and record live data on the operation of the system.

EnergySmart® with TouchView™ recipe screens
Recipe screens

View, save and upload application specific recipes for drying materials.

EnergySmart® primary hopper loader
Loading screens

View, configure and activate secondary loading controls.


The dryer can be networked to industrial control systems. TCPIP and PROFINET commu- nications are available, depending on the control type. (Allen-Bradley or Siemens)

Audible and visual alarm

A combination of a blinking red alarm light and a horn alerts you to any shut down alarm condition.

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