No Connectors, No Wires, Fool Proof Sophisticated Yet Simplified Proofing

The differences between a standard material manifold station like Conair’s RSS (Resin Selector Station), and one with the ILP (Invisible Line Proofing) option are not something that can be seen. The difference is in the engineering. Conair’s efficient RSS, equipped with the ILP option uses sensors at the base of each manifold, to proof connections and ensure that material conveys only when the correct connections are made. There are no wires, no clunky connectors, no cameras, and no special processes for operators to follow. Connections are made as normal. No further action necessary. ILP automatically assures that connections are correct or material will not flow and an alarm on the control will alert the operator that an incorrect connection was made. Accuracy is at 100%, with no chance of operator error.

Safeguards material in RSS (Resin Selection Station) tables

Remote sensors are installed as part of the RSS (at the exit end of the manifolds) to ensure vacuum is flowing through the correct connection, indicating the correct connection has been made.

Confirms correct material line connections

If the material line connections are correct, material will be conveyed normally. Hoses attached to the wrong port will prevent conveying and provide a control system alarm.

Uses Conair's FLX-128 Plus conveying control

Material routing is programmed into the FLX-128 Plus, and the ILP assures physical connections match the desired connections selected in the control. FLX-128 Plus icons confirm proper routing with normal conveying, or indicate an improper routing connection with an alarm not allowing material to convey.