Touchscreen Technology in a Compact Wheel Dryer

Now with a 7-inch DC-A touchscreen control, Conair’s smallest Carousel Dryers just got better! Dubbed the Carousel Plus, everything about this dryer is improved to help you stay profitable in a dramatically more competitive world market. The product improvements are an extension of the legacy of the original, workhorse Carousel desiccant dryers.

Purchase this dryer and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

Reduced energy costs

The desiccant wheel heats and cools more easily than other drying technology saving you up to 35% on your energy bill. Fewer parts, lighter structural mass, less to heat, therefore less wasted energy. Easily view power consumption on the DC-A control’s “Energy Usage Meter”.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability

With significantly reduced part count, easy access and less wear you can expect many years of trouble-free operation. The weight of the desiccant assembly has been reduced by 70%, the part count reduced by 90%. There are no more indexing bed plates, no more cumbersome 4-way valves and no more messy desiccant beads. Shift-after-shift this dryer will deliver the performance you need to stay up and running.

Precise, adjustable dewpoint control

The dewpoint control option built into the microprocessor control system allows you to select a particular dewpoint value, which the control locks maintains. The control then adjusts various dryer functions to precisely hold the dewpoint selected, virtually eliminating any chance of overdrying expensive material.

DC-A Control Features

  • 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Trending (dewpoint, temperature, heater on-time)
  • Auto Start
  • Allen-Bradley micro 850 PLC
  • Easily switch between english/metric units
  • Password protected
  • Temperature Setback (manual and auto)
  • Energy usage meter
  • Easy, familiar Loader Control

MedLine® W Dryers home screen
Simple home screen

MedLine® W Dryer setup
Easy dryer set up

MedLine® W Dryers settings and graphic aid
Dryer settings with graphic aid

MedLine® W Dryers trend functions screen
Trend functions - track resin drying

Feature Descriptions

  • Audible and visual alarm – A combination of a blinking red alarm light and a horn alert the operator to any shut down alarm.
  • Temperature setback – Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.
  • Dewpoint monitor – Monitor the performance of the dryer with a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air.
  • Dewpoint control – Allows the dryer to maintain an operator-selected dewpoint level. This feature helps prevent overdrying of moisture sensitive materials such as Nylon.
  • Communications – Allows the dryer to be networked to industrial control systems. When a dryer is connected to a network, the controller on the net-work may read actual temperatures, change setpoints, read dryer status, and process and display this information at a central location. Ethernet communications are available.

  • Volatile trap
  • Precooler
  • Process filter check
  • Communications
  • Drying Monitor
  • Aftercooler flow control