Efficient Operation And Quality Construction

Conair’s PTCS (carbon steel), and PTSS (stainless steel) Series Pump Tanks are designed to meet and exceed the needs of your application. Fully engineered for a complete range of tower or chiller applications, Conair’s tanks provide the highest quality design and construction features available.

This series of pump tanks promises years of trouble-free operation with the use of high quality components.

Quality construction, safe operation and simple maintenance

All pumps are mounted on a solid deck for added strength, serviceability, and safety. Reservoirs are constructed of rugged plate steel for superior strength and reliability.

Leak-free construction

Steel reservoir seams are double welded, inside and out, for the ultimate protection from leaks and corrosion. Carbon steel reservoir interiors are carefully covered with a thick coat of marine duty coal tar epoxy to prevent water-to-metal contact and extend reservoir life.

Easy to operate

The Conair programmable controller comes with digital temperature display and RTD probe that controls temperature by cycling the tower fan and recirculating pump. The control includes a high temperature alarm with indicator light. Liquid-filled pressure gauges enable accurate flow adjustment. All control panels conform to cUL 508A.

PVC Elbow

PVC elbow at reservoir overflow increases holding capacity

Extended pump suction legs

Extended pump suction legs with 45° angle backcut prevents vortexing and pump cavitation

  • Single or dual standby pumps for process and recirculating eliminate downtime. Pumps are available with complete connecting trim, including discharge manifold and isolation valves.
  • Automatic switching to standby pump protects against downtime due to pump failure.
  • Full 0.75 inch {19mm} insulation maintains reservoir water temperature and eliminates “sweating”.
  • Premium efficiency motors cut electrical operating costs and offer rapid payback with utility rebate programs.
  • Unbreakable sight glass features shutoff valves and brass safety rods; allows for a quick visual check of reservoir operating level.
  • Tank cover prevents contamination and evaporation.m} tubes in condenser for high fouling water applications.
  • Factory-installed and wired alarms with panel mounted indicator lights warn of low flow, low pressure, low level and high temperatures. Sonalert horn with silencer switch warns of system failure.
  • Solid-state sensor with alarm provides trouble-free sensing of low water levels.
  • For operator protection, a fused disconnect shuts off power before door is opened for maintenance or inspection.
  • Panel-installed programmable logic controller (PLC) allows control sequences and alarm settings to be customized for individual process requirements.
  • Reservoir support legs conserve valuable floor space, support a cooling tower to reduce roof loading and eliminate additional roof support costs.