Dependable, In-Line Resin Flow Measurement

Measuring resin flow has never been easier nor more accurate.

The Conair ResinTracker™ flow meter accurately measures resin and/or regrind as they flow freely through its compact housing with no holding hopper nor weigh bins. Inside the ResinTracker, the patented weighing platform senses the mass flow of material as it flows over the arc-shaped flow pan to measure its weight and throughput via centripetal force regardless of material type, density or uniformity of flow. The results are effortless, accurate resin consumption records. ResinTracker can also be applied to meet target weights with an integrated servo driven control valve that stops material flow when a desired weight has been achieved.

Continuous flow/continuous measurement

ResinTracker™ provides dynamic measurement of materials as they flow over its smooth sensing platform, without interruption. Resins and regrinds from 1 to 100 lbs/ft³ {16 to 1601 kg/m³} up to 10,800 lbs/hr {4898 kg/hr} are all sensed reliably and continuously.

The highest accuracy

Within ½%, so 2000 pounds of resin free-flowing through the ResinTracker can be relied upon to be within 10 pounds of actual weight.

Easy control

The ResinTracker’s color touchscreen control panel is typically remote mounted to a convenient location for instant verification of resin transfer and/or target values. Set-up is fast and simple and communications options include Ethernet (standard), DeviceNet, and ProfiBus.

Touchscreen Control

The remote, touchscreen control provides operators with a simplified, intuitive interface for collecting weight data as resin flows across the ResinTracker’s weight platform, inside the main unit. The control can also provide intuitive, easy inputting of target weights for filling operations. The NEMA 4 rated control includes a 7-inch, full color, touchscreen display panel that can be used to select to default to flow rate or totalization operations. User data storage is provided via a 2 GB CompactFlash® card and calibration data is easily stored for multiple types of flow. The control includes operation of the ResinTracker’s Integrated Control Valve for target weight measurement, but can also be interfaced with a wide range of auxiliary functions, including these inputs and outputs: Data transmitted from ResinTracker to PLC:

  • Flow Rate
  • Totalization
  • Zero Readback
  • Product: Multiple Cal. Option
  • Remote Alarm Target
  • Meter’s Internal Temperature
  • Auxilary 4-20 mA Output
  • Dynamic Cal. Value Readback
  • Bulk Density
  • Status Not Ready Bit
Data Transmitted from PLC to ResinTracker:
  • Remote Reset
  • Remote Zero
  • Product: Multiple Cal. Option
  • Remote Target (Remote Alarm)
  • Dynamic Cal. Value

  • Customizable infeed transition
  • ICV (Integrated Control Valve), when equipped, inside stainless steel enclosure
  • Mounting interface
  • Stainless steel enclosure with access door
  • Measurement pan
  • Bubble level
  • Electrical enclosure with touchscreen control
  • Load cell enclosure