TAC Series Conveyor

TAC Series take-away conveyor

Hands-Free Take-Away Conveyors

The Conair belt discharge conveyor is a rugged, low profile conveyor designed to be used when cutting flexible and semi-rigid products. The conveyors enhance the cut length tolerance and cut quality by supporting and transporting the extruded product away from the cutter bushing. The product can then be optionally ejected into a collection tray for operator removal.

Labor free parts collection

The conveyor automatically discharges parts to a collection tray or scrap collection bin, allowing operators to tend to other value added activities. TAC conveyors can be optionally configured for split manifolds for common side front and rear collection or for dual sided collection.

Easy segregation of good and bad parts

The conveyor can be interfaced with the diameter or wall thickness measuring gauge to separate parts which do not meet specifications. The ejector system is disabled and the parts discharge off the end of the conveyor instead of into the collecting tray.

Static-free production collection

An optional de-ionizer removes any static build-up generated from the process to aid consistent product ejection and positioning in the collection tray(s).


  • Pneumatic ejector system including accumulator tank, regulator and controls with air knife or positionable, variable flow nozzles to eject the parts into a collecting tray. Available single or dual station blow-off
  • Medical configuration with precision up/down/tilt actuators. Available powder coated or in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel parts collection tray (various lengths available)
  • High speed drive configurations for 500 and 600 FPM applications
  • Left-to-right operation

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