Thermolator® heaTrac

Consistent High Heat Temperature Control

The Thermolator® heaTrac oil temperature controller circulates heat transfer oil, adding or removing heat as needed to maintain a precise process temperature.

Certain materials and processes require the use of oil as a heat transfer fluid for precise temperature control.

Unlike water or glycol mixtures, oil can be safely operated at temperatures ranging from 70° to 500°F {21.1° to 260°C}.

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Low-watt density heater

Does not allow your oil to heat up to the point of degradation giving longer life to your oil.

Air-cooled pump seals

No need to supply water to the unit to cool the seals. Air-cooled seals extend the life of the seal and eliminate the need for an additional water connection.

Lift-off access panels

Convenient, tool-free access to internal components. The cabinet lifts away for easy maintenance and servicing.


  • Expansion/fluid reservoir tank
  • Low level pump shutoff safety
  • TEFC Pump – Totally enclosed fan cooled pump motor
  • Air-cooled seal cavity – no cooling water required
  • Low-watt density electric immersion heater
  • Sight glass – for visual inspection of oil level
  • Venting solenoid – valve prevents trapped air in system
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger cooling circuit – cools the unit before powering it down
  • Cooling check valve – prevents coolant back flow into the exchanger.


Alarm Packages

Call attention to alarm conditions with an optional strobe alarm. Audible piezo horn comes standard.

Customer Contacts

Silenceable/non-silenceable alarm option.

Remote RTD

For on-die process temperature measurements.

SPI Communications

SPI via RS-485 (Ethernet for Modbus-TCP & OPC-UA come standard).


Includes UL508A rated electrical cabinet and disconnect switch.

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