Keep It Dry While you Blend

When process flow specifications dictate that materials are dried and then blended, your process can suffer from unwanted moisture regain in your dried material. Standard blenders, incapable of dealing with hot material can operate erratically, with seal and/or bearing failures, heat loss, sensor malfunctions and hot surface hazards.

Conair TBI Insulated Blenders are specifically outfitted to handle hot material safely, reliably and most importantly, prevent moisture from re-saturating your dried material.

Built to handle hot material

Blender is specifically designed for material temperatures up to 375°F {177°C} with insulated drying hopper supply bins.

Designed to prevent moisture regain

Hot air recirculation through the supply bins keeps materials dry and prevents the re-introduction of wet, ambient air.

High temperature construction

Load cells, level sensors and air cylinders are specified for their ability to stand up to elevated temperatures. Electronics are isolated from elevated temperatures.

Keep it hot and sealed

Supply hoppers are insulated, sealed and equipped with large cleanout doors and strip sight glasses

Short circuit

By-pass/drain line allows priming the process with unblended material and/or draining supply hopper(s).

Industrial Mixer

Mixing chamber includes a heavy-duty agita-tor, duty-rated for demanding PET materials plus a high temperature demand sensor.

Firm Footing

Rugged support frame may be customized for mezzanine, on-the-throat or beside the process mounting.

Perfect for Recycled PET. Producers of PET sheet, strapping and other products using recycled polyesters can reap significant energy savings and productivity benefits with insulated TBI blenders. These blenders allow separation of virgin and recycled materials until just before they are fed to the feed throat, with these benefits:

  • Contamination or other problems in the recycled content does not require shutting down the entire production line. Production can continue on one material, while the questionable ingredient is corrected.
  • Virgin and regrind, with significantly different bulk densities and flow characteristics, will reach the machine throat with far less separation (common to drying and conveying), by blending them last.
  • Retaining drying heat throughout the blending process means less heat is required during processing, saving significant energy.
Add conveying

High temperature loading equipment can be specified and controlled by the TrueBlend control.

Keep inventory dry

Optional, insulated receiving hopper retains heat and dryness while blended material awaits processing.



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