Gravimetric Precision for Liquid Coloring

Put gravimetric precision to work on your liquid additives with the Conair TrueFeed™ LQ Series liquid dispensing system. By weighing the colorant storage vessel while metering, the TrueFeed LQ model delivers consistent, precise gravimetric dosing of colorant to the machine throat, or throat mounted mixer.

The TrueFeed LQ Feeding System can be used for injection molding or extrusion and includes a user friendly, multi-language control, a rugged weigh scale platform for your colorant supply and a choice of dispensers

Meter by wieght

By carefully tracking the loss in weight of the colorant supply the TrueFeedTM LQ delivers accuracy in liquid dosing never before possible.

Reduce colorant cost, increase color precision

Precision color weighing eliminates costly under or over-dosing, saving you colorant, time, material and money.

Simple to use

For molders, simply enter letdown percentage, shot weight, screw recovery time and press start. For extruders, run open loop or precisely track the metering rate with the extruder speed.

Pump Features:

    • A choice of peristatic pumps to match colorant delivery tube diameters
    • Easy, safe tubing placement into pump mechanism
    • Automatic check valve prevents back-flow of colorant
Pump is integrated into weigh scale platform Weigh Platform Features
  • Load cell, loss-in-weight detection of colorant suppy
  • Accommodates all common supply vessels with simple flat platform scale
  • Weigh platform may be separated from pump housing if desired
  • Precision stepper motor drives peristaltic pump

Conair adaptor
Aluminum throat adaptors

Available in two sizes, throat adapters fit to the machine throat below your material supply equipment to deliver colorant directly into the material flow. A nozzle with spigot valve is included. The universal “star” mounting pattern provides easy installation without custom drilling.

Conair offset intermixer

A choice of two robust intermixers may be used to pre-mix colorant and base material(s) above the machine throat. The inline model provides basic mixing, while the offset model extends material flow for increased mixing. Both include sight glass cleanout end caps, thick mounting plates, rugged gear motors, an on/off switch with over load protection and removable agitators.