Wide Range of Controls: Intuitive Drying

The new DC-T control measures 8-inches diagonally and featureses bright, crisp, high-resolution graphics. Individual screens show how your process is running and ways to improve it. Plus, you can now control and monitor process heat from the dryer!

With three new models in this range, processors can more closelyely match dryer capacity to process throughput. Purchase this dryer and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that isis simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

Easy-to-use, optional full-color touchscreen

Intuitive screen navigation will allow you to easily view critical drying parameters such as dewpoint and temperature.

Reduced energy costs

The desiccant wheel heats and cools more easily than other drying technology saving you up to 35% on your energy bill. Fewer parts, lighter structural mass, less to heat, therefore less wasted energy. Easily view power consumption on the DC-A control’s “Energy Usage Meter”.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability

With significantly reduced part count, easy access and less wear you can expect many years of trouble-free operation. The weight of the desiccant assembly has been reduced by 70%, the part count reduced by 90%. There are no more indexing bed plates, no more cumbersome 4-way valves and no more messy desiccant beads. Shift-after-shift this dryer will deliver the performance you need to stay up and running.

Choose the control you need... DC - 1, DC - 2 or DC - T

DC-1 Control Features

  • 6-character, 7-segment LED display for high visibility of setpoint and actual operating parameters
  • Full access to setup parameters and alarms through error codes
  • Autostart count down timer
  • Operator password protection
  • English / metric units
  • Solid-state heater contactors with isolation protection
  • Return air temperature display

DC-2 Control Features

  • LCD (2 X 20 character) alphanu- meric display with access to setup parameters, full diagnostics, alarm/ event log and numerous options
  • 8-character, 14-segment LED display for high visibility of selected parameter status
  • Keypad for easy operator access
  • Real time clock
  • Temperature setback
  • Operator password protection
  • Date format selection
  • English / metric units
  • Return air temperature display
  • Solid-state heater contactors with isolation protection

MedLine® TouchView control panel
DC-T Control Features

  • 8-inch color touchscreen
  • Web-enabled
  • Trending – air temperature and dewpoint
  • Password protected (multiple level)
  • English / metric units
  • Return air temperature display
  • The DM3-e is the latest generation of technology created for analyzing drying performance from a multi-zone, resistance temperature detector (RTD) probe installed in the drying hopper. Embedded into the DC-T dryer control software, the DM3-e is designed to provide early detection of poor drying conditions and provide alarms for correcting problems. Up to 15 hoppers can be monitored.
  • Real-time clock – time of day
  • Auto start
  • Date format selection
  • Temperature setback
  • Solid-state heater contactors with isolation protection
  • Multiple hopper control

Volatile Trap

Allows the operator to monitor the performance of the dryer by providing a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air.

Filter check

Keeps the drying system’s air flow optimized by monitoring the filter condition through automatic differential pressure measurements on each side of the filter. An alarm indicates when it’s time for cleaning.

Drying Monitor

Automatically monitors the temperature profile inside the drying hopper(s) within a pre-set temperature band to protect from over drying or under drying your material.


Allows the dryer to be networked to industrial control systems. When a dryer is connected to a network, the controller on the network may read actual temperatures, change set points, read dryer status, and process and display this information at a central location.