Carousel Plus D Models 600-5000

Carousel Plus™ D Models 600-5000

Large Capacity Central or Machine-Side Drying

Intuitive drying with the most intelligent touch screen dryer control to date. Gain more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain. Optional Optimizer™ Mode automatically controls the material temperature profile of the drying material based on environmental changes that may occur during processing.

CR Series Crystallizer

CR Series Crystallizers

Reliable, High-Quality Material Output

With the increased use of PET in plastic processing, the efficient use of amorphous regrind material is critical. Conair's Crystallizers, consisting of a high temperature heat source, an insulated hopper with agitator, and rotary discharge valve, allow you to convert amorphous PET to a crystalline state that then can be dried. The drying can occur at elevated temperatures to obtain low moisture levels without the fear of agglomeration.

CH Series Hoppers

CH Series Insulated Hoppers

Improve Product Quality, Lower Operating Costs

CH drying hoppers are designed to promote even heat distribution and mass material flow to ensure adequate drying throughout the hopper. Large access doors and smooth interior surfaces keep downtime for material changes to a minimum. Capacities from 18 to 31,500 lb/ft3.


GasTrac CGT Models 150-700

Retrofit for Lower Burning Emissions

The GasTrac Process Air Heater is a unique combustion airflow system, designed to convert your existing electric dryer in order to maintain drying temperatures under any conditions while cutting energy costs below that of electric resistance heaters.