Conair heat transfer units

Thermolator® TW-V

Value Priced; Compounded Energy Savings

The Thermolator® TW-V Series temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperatures by circulating cooling tower or chiller water....

TW-S Thermolator

Thermolator® TW-S

Save Money Up Front and in the Long Term

The new Thermolator® TW-S Series takes everything that you loved about Conair’s reliable Thermolators of the past, and improves upon...

TW-P temperature controller

Thermolator® TW-P

A Premium Control on a Premium Thermolator®

The Thermolator® TW-P Series is designed as the top-of-the-line Thermolator package. The TW-P offers extensive options for maintaining the process...

Thermolator® MicroTemp

Thermolator® microTemp

Solid Construction, Easy Maintenance

The microTemp water temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperature with circulated water that has been heated or...

Thermolator® vacuTrac

Thermolator® vacuTrac

Single or Dual Zone Models available

Keep your operation up and running with the Thermolator® vacuTrac water temperature controller. This positive/negative pressure unit can be used...

HeatTrac Thermolator®

Thermolator® heatTrac

Designed for Applications over 250ºF

The Thermolator® heaTrac oil temperature controller circulates heat transfer oil, adding or removing heat as needed to maintain a precise...