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  • By Alan Landers
    April 14, 2021

    The Vision vs Reality of Industry 4.0 for Plastics Processors

    How close are we to realizing the full vision of Industry 4.0? To understand where we are on Industry 4.0, take a look back to where we came from, which is Industry 3.0, where machinery of all types adopted computerized controls.  Digital controls brought tremendous advantages in terms of the...

  • By Mike Simons
    March 16, 2021

    Need Space to Expand? Mezzanine Space Might Help You

    No processor ever plans to run out of floor space. More often, space problems are the sign of a growing business. The addition of even a few primary processing machines, together with needed auxiliary equipment, material handling and feeding, robots, and perhaps some value-added assembly or packing operations can consume...

  • By Jim Fisher
    February 12, 2021

    What are Temperature Control Units and How Do They Work?

    Go into any plastics processing plant and you’ll see them: little metal boxes, usually on casters, plumbed to an injection mold, extrusion tooling or and extrusion cooling tank. Many of them are labeled Thermolator®. What are they? Thermolator® is a well-known brand name for temperature control units (TCUs) first introduced...

  • By Nick Paradiso
    January 14, 2021

    SmartFLX™—The evolution of a “smart” conveying control

    Conair’s new SmartFLX™ conveying control introduces a new system architecture with a more powerful PLC processor, lightning-fast and crystal-clear data communications. New operating software manages continuous status updates and reports and includes a configurator that maintains a constant, complete record of every setting, every connection, and every piece of equipment...

  • By Chris Weinrich
    November 16, 2020

    The Latest Plastics Packaging Market Trends You Need to Know

    Conair is a full-line supplier of auxiliary equipment—including dryers, conveying systems, blenders and feeders, scrap-reclaim systems, heat-transfer (temperature control) systems, as well as upstream and downstream extrusion equipment—that are used by plastics packaging producers worldwide. Conair serves essentially all markets, from food and beverage, to medical and pharmaceutical, household products,...

  • By A.J. Zambanini
    October 13, 2020

    What is Purging and How Can it Improve Dried Resin Handling?

    It is not uncommon to visit a customer or receive a call about a suspected problem with material moisture. Whether the processor is using a brand new dryer or a system that is decades old, the problems they report are often very similar: Splay or streaking, reduced intrinsic viscosity, bubbling,...

  • By Nick Paradiso
    September 15, 2020

    How to Choose a Vacuum Pump for Resin Conveying

    Today, there are four major types of vacuum pumps available for resin conveying, as well as a number of important considerations involved in selecting, operating, and maintaining them. Key Vacuum Pump Considerations Among the most important considerations in pump selection are: Depth of vacuum provided. Length or “equivalent distance” of...

  • By Alan Landers
    August 12, 2020

    6 Control Features You’ll Find on the Best Gravimetric Blenders

    Featuring the most advanced controls available in the industry, Conair TrueBlend® gravimetric blenders represent a dramatic step forward in ease of programming and use, simplified troubleshooting, comprehensive data collection and, of course, accuracy. Those are pretty hefty claims, but TrueBlend gravimetric blenders are not like other blenders you might be...

  • By Ernie Preiato
    July 14, 2020

    This is How You Can Overcome Fly Cutting Challenges for Extrusion

    Fly-knife cutting, or “fly cutting,” is a fast, effective, and widely-used method for cutting smaller, softer extruded tubing and profiles.  Fly cutters use one or more blades, mounted on a flywheel that provides cutting inertia. The flywheel is driven by a motor that transmits rotational force through planetary reducing gears....

  • By Chris Weinrich
    June 8, 2020

    How to Ramp Up Medical-Grade Plastics Production for Increased Demand

    Coping with the sudden pandemic threat of COVID-19 has turned much of the business world on its head, causing enormous changes in economic activity and product demand. At Conair, changes have rippled through our operations as well. Some customers are coping with production slowdowns, while others are rapidly adapting or...

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