White Paper:

Invisible Line Proofing: What You Don’t See Can Help You

In any large plastics facility, the materials being processed may be highly diverse, yet all are specifically engineered, selected, and blended for use in machines, molds, and processes whose parameters are carefully developed and must be precisely controlled. Once these elements are operating properly, all that’s required for ongoing production is a steady supply of the right resin, usually provided through a resin-distribution system.

invisible line proofing

Yet, it can be easy for an operator, working with multiple resin “source” hoses and dozens of identical manifold “destination” slots, to connect the wrong hose to a given destination. The only question then is, how much is this error going to cost? Will it cost a hopper cleanout? Will it cost a material purge through the machine screw? Will it cost the need to sort out and destroy molded parts? Will it cost a downstream part safety concern or even prompt a recall of potentially contaminated or weakened parts?

In this white paper, we explore a way to protect against those costs.

Learn more about:

  • Why line-proofing is important
  • How line proofing can be simplified
  • Why the system is called “invisible”

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