Just three years after the successful introduction of its PipeMaster™ line of downstream processing equipment for extruded pipe, Conair is announcing ProfileMaster™, a complete line of downstream profile extrusion processing equipment for small to large profiles. The new line, which features calibration and cooling tables, haul-offs, cutting units, and tilting tables, is being introduced at booth W2113 at NPE 2024 in Orlando.   

The line represents another new investment for Conair, which has not marketed a complete downstream profile extrusion product line like this one until now, explains Sam Rajkovich, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Profile extrusion processors operate in a very competitive, quality-conscious market, so they need equipment that is sophisticated enough to deliver world-class precision and productivity, and ProfileMaster is engineered to do that. At the same time, processors want a reliable U.S.- based source, like Conair, that can not only provide equipment, but also extrusion process development, service, and technical support.” 


The ProfileMaster product line includes three major elements: 

Calibration tables. ProfileMaster calibration tables are available in four lengths and in single- or dual-line configurations to accommodate a full range of profile sizes and cooling requirements.  All tables offer sturdy steel construction, with stainless steel used on the mounting plate, all wetted surfaces, and on both ends. The top mounting plate includes c-rails that easily accommodate any combination of profile calibration tooling or cooling required — from ambient or compressed air, to water-jacketed profile tooling, to spray cooling or full-immersion vacuum cooling. Convenient ½-inch vacuum connections are served by either two or three 7.5 HP (5.5 kW) vacuum pumps, depending on table size. Recirculating water systems also include a cyclone unit to manage vacuum-water discharge while minimizing noise.  Alignment of calibration tables is simplified thanks to motorized position adjustments (up/down, forward/backward) and lateral adjustment valves.  These calibration tables are available in lengths from 15 through 38 feet, depending on your process needs. They feature multiple powerful 7.5 hp vacuum pumps. Two pumps are used on tanks under 20 feet. Three pumps are used on tanks longer than that mark. 

Haul-Off and Cutting Units. The ProfileMaster line includes a very wide range of haul-off (puller) and cutting unit options, including single- or dual-line configurations and combination haul-off/cutter units. Many processors prefer combination units, especially for small or medium-sized profiles, because the combination unit eliminates the need to position and align a separate cutting unit. Generally, separate haul-off and cutter units are used when handling the largest profile extrusions.  

All haul-offs include logic to automatically synchronize speed with the extruder screw speed control and can integrate with gravimetric material dosing for stable production and consistent profile unit weight. Inside the fully-enclosed safety cabinet of each haul-off, brushless AC vector motors provide steady pulling force using either a belt (for small product) or quick-change cleated pads (flat or v-type), to move the profile without creating marks or traces on the extrudate surface. Pressure on the profile product is regulated using pneumatically-driven pistons that move the upper pulling segment up or down to increase or decrease grip on the product. 

Cutting units or combination units may be equipped for chipless guillotine (guillotine, heated guillotine, or blade) or motorized saw cutting, with options for up/down or horizontal blade movement.  

Profile Tilting Tables. Pneumatically operated profile-tilting tables synchronize with extruder and haul-off line speed to receive and automatically tip (dump) finished profile extrusion segments into stacks for easy removal, packaging, shipment or storage. A range of tilting table sizes accommodates profiles up to 20 ft (6 meters) in length.  

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The new ProfileMaster™ line from Conair includes calibration tables, haul-off units, cutting units, and tipping tables to support precise, high-speed production of plastic profile extrusion.