Access Loader

Access™ AL Series Loader

Value-added Features at No Additional Cost

The unique angled canister design of the Conair Access™ Loader means workers don’t need to climb as high or work as hard to service the drop-in filter or wipe out the stainless steel canister.


DustBeater™ Loaders

The Original Vacuum Motor Loader

Conair’s DustBeater™ vacuum material loaders provide flexibility in meeting the varying demands of conveying pelletized and regrind materials to a hopper, bin or processing machine.

Powder Loader PM Series

Powder Loader (PM) Series

Self-contained motor loaders designed specifically for powders

The Conair PM Series of Powder Loaders effectively transfers powdered resins (down to 1 micron), with the convenience of a self-contained motor loader.

TLA Model tube loader

TLA Model Tube Loader

Models for Machine Throats, Hoppers and Bins

The compact TLA Tube Loader makes it easy to provide trouble-free vacuum loading wherever you need it, for quiet compressed air conveying of plastic pellets.

TLM Model Tube Loader

Compact, Economical, Trouble-Free Loading

The compact TLM Model Tube Loader delivers big vacuum loading performance in a small package, while providing material loading performance comparable to much larger units.