TLM Model Tube Loader

Compact, Economical, Trouble-Free Loading

The compact TLM model Tube Loader makes it easy to provide trouble-free automatic loading wherever you need it. Without a...

Conair Access AL Series loader

Access­™ AL Series Loader

Value-added Features at No Additional Cost

Cleaning and maintaining your loaders is now faster, easier and safer than ever before. That’s because the unique angled canister...

Conair DustBeater™ Loaders

DustBeater™ Loaders

The Original Vacuum Motor Loader

Conair’s DustBeater™ vacuum material loaders provide flexibility in meeting the varying demands of conveying pelletized and regrind materials to a...

TLA Model tube loader

TLA Model Tube Loader

Models for Machine Throats, Hoppers and Bins

The compact TLA Tube Loader makes it easy to provide trouble-free loading wherever you need it. Using compressed air, the...

Conair PM Powder loader series

Powder Loader (PM) Series

Self-contained motor loaders designed specifically for powders

The Conair PM Series of Powder Loaders effectively transfers powdered resins (down to 1 micron), with the convenience of a...