Desiccant Dryers

  • Carousel Plus™ D Models 15-100
    New user interface designed for simple training and operation

    The Carousel Plus dryer is perfect for existing or inexperienced operators. Working seamlessly with Conair’s SmartServices®, these dryers prove that data is king.

  • Carousel Plus™ D Models 150-400
    Throughputs from 150 to 400 lb/hr; Simple UX for new operators

    Conair Carousel Plus™ dryers guarantee moisture removal from resins of all moisture content. Rest assured; your products will be unaffected by moisture content.

  • Carousel Plus D600
    Carousel Plus™ D Models 600-5000
    Large Capacity Central or Machine-Side Drying, Any Heat Source

    D Series dryers feature automatic Temperature Setback (to protect resin and save energy), and automatic Dewpoint Control (for changing moisture content).

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.