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Cleanroom-Ready with Conair

  • Let us help with certification and compliance

    Compliance requirements hassle the system design and equipment procurement processes. Plant managers must simultaneously ensure that new equipment integrates seamlessly within their facility and meets painstaking regulatory benchmarks.

    Our MedLine® equipment eases that burden because it comes with:

    • Extensive documentation — beyond what’s required in most cases
    • Access to project management with experience across medical industries
    • An Installation Qualification (IQ) checklist to take you through the first steps of certifying your equipment and process.
  • Sacrificing performance will continue to cost you

    Best-fit, high performance equipment will carry your operation for years to come. This is paramount in medical device manufacturing, where changing equipment or process isn’t worth the pain. Once your equipment and process is certified, you’ll need to go through brand new qualification processes when looking for an upgrade. So choosing the right equipment now is crucial.

    MedLine® equipment is built using our highest-performance features because anything less won’t cut it. Go to market with a process and equipment worth certifying and reach capacity with an operation worth scaling.

  • Install peace-of-mind

    We’ve installed cleanroom-ready equipment and systems into all types of facilities. Whether you’re operating a white room, hybrid cleanroom, ISO 8 or ISO 7 cleanroom, our expertise can guarantee regulatory compliance, system performance and operational transparency. That goes for medical device manufacturing, IV tube processing, catheter extrusion, you name it.

    Supply chains are volatile and skilled labor is scarce. Add new equipment compliance into the mix and your bandwidth is shot. We say some of this ought to be easy for a change. Our project management team can manage the install and even train your employees on the equipment as part of startup.

Learn more about our equipment below. If you have any questions about how it would fit for your application, we’d love to talk shop and specs.