Temperature Control Units

  • TW-E Thermolator
    Thermolator® TW-E
    We build it how you want it - add the options you need.

    The Thermolator® TW-E Series maintains the Conair reliability you expect, and with a laundry list of available options, can be as basic or premium as you want.

  • TW-B
    Thermolator® TW-B
    Value Priced; Simple Operation; Compounded Energy Savings

    The Thermolator® TW-B Series temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperatures by circulating cooling tower or chiller water.

  • TW-T
    Thermolator® TW-T
    Tomorrow's Temperature Control Unit, Available Today

    The Thermolator® TW-T Series is a top-of-the-line Thermolator package with extensive options for maintaining the process temperature with circulated water.

  • Heatrac
    Thermolator® heaTrac
    Temperature Control Unit Designed for Applications over 250ºF

    The Thermolator® heaTrac oil temperature controller circulates heat transfer oil, adding or removing heat as needed to maintain a precise process temperature.

  • Thermolator MicroTemp
    Thermolator® microTemp
    Solid Construction, Easy Maintenance

    The Thermolator® microTemp water temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperature with circulated water that has been heated or cooled.

  • VacuTrac
    Thermolator® vacuTrac
    Single or Dual Zone Models available

    Keep your operation going with the Thermolator® vacuTrac water temperature controller. This pressure unit can be used as a temporary fix for a leaky mold or bad O-rings.

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