Temperature Control Units

  • TW-B
    Thermolator® TW-B
    Value Priced; Simple Operation; Compounded Energy Savings

    The B stands for basic in this water temperature control unit. With incoloy heaters, silicon carbide pump seals, To Process and From Process pressure gauges, microprocessor controls and optional line purge, the TW-B offers big bang for the buck. ¾ Hp or 2 Hp pumps are available, with a 12 kW heater, for temperatures from 40-250°F {4-121°C}.

  • TW-E
    Thermolator® TW-E
    We build it how you want it - add the options you need.

    This “Standard" water temperature control unit incorporates the primary features and options most processors need. Still with all the features of the Value unit, this TW-E adds updated control, auto restart, remote start/stop, quick cool down, purge cancel, and more. ¾ Hp through 10 Hp pumps are available, with 9-48 kW heaters, for temperatures from 40-300°F .

  • Thermolator® TW-T
    Tomorrow's Temperature Control Unit, Available Today

    What's new in the newest Thermolator with the TW-T control? The difference is more than just the touch screen control - which is perfect for new operators. This new model has more standard features like a modulating cooling valve, increased cabinet airflow, reverse phase detection, dynamic maximum setpoint, and much more. This unit has everything the TW-V and TW-S have, plus solid state relays for extended life, advanced communications options and even more available control features – too many to list here. Check out the spec sheet. ¾ Hp through 10 Hp pumps are available, with 9-48 kW heaters, for temperatures from 40-300°F .

  • Heatrac
    Thermolator® heaTrac
    Temperature Control Unit Designed for Applications over 250ºF

    The Thermolator® heaTrac oil temperature controller circulates heat transfer oil, adding or removing heat as needed to maintain a precise...

  • Thermolator MicroTemp
    Thermolator® microTemp
    Solid Construction, Easy Maintenance

    The Thermolator® microTemp water temperature controller is designed to maintain the process temperature with circulated water that has been heated...

  • VacuTrac
    Thermolator® vacuTrac
    Single or Dual Zone Models available

    Keep your operation up and running with the Thermolator® vacuTrac water temperature controller. This positive/negative pressure unit can be used...

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