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Film Cooling and Automatic Gauge System

Conair’s Vento is a profile gauge control system for blown film that includes an automatic air ring with triple flow, a thickness gauge, and an easy-to-use control.  Available for die diameters from 5.9 to 35.4 inches {150mm-900mm}.

The Vento features a triple airflow ring, which uses a venturi effect. This venturi allows a higher volume of air for cooling the bubble, without causing instability. It also produces a homogeneous film with a precise gauged thickness.

Vento is also available without the automatic thickness control, ideal for processes where only cooling of the film is required. The double airflow allows you to maximize cooling efficiency while ensuring maximum bubble stability. Should production requirements change, it is possible to switch to the fully automatic version at any time by installing a simple upgrade kit.

Easy installation and reduced space and costs

A single inlet means that no air distributor is needed, reducing installation costs while reducing space. The design of the ring requires less pressure generated by the fan to deliver the required airflow, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption.

Energy savings with reduced pressure drops and turbulence

The Vento design with the single input, drastically reduces pressure drops and turbulence, providing homogeneous cooling and greater energy efficiency. Quick and accurate corrections: the use of valves controlled by servomotors ensures rapid and precise variations in the localized air flow, significantly reducing the time required to correct the thickness.

Triple airflow system

Three airflows optimized for triple-action control, stability, and cooling. Faster start-up: during the line start-up, it is possible to increase the speed with which the measurements are made, reducing the waste of start—up material.

Model Comparison

  • Vento