Preventive Maintenance is critical to your success

Unscheduled downtime is the most difficult, unpredictable part of running an efficient, profitable plant. A good preventive maintenance program prevents that unscheduled downtime. Preventive maintenance keeps you up and running at optimal levels, protecting you against business losses due to production delays and unnecessary downtime.

A good PM program:

  • assures production of a higher quality final product
  • minimizes energy consumption
  • eliminates premature replacement of equipment
  • allows for economical scheduling of maintenance versus emergency repairs due to breakdown – which can lead to expensive over time and shipping costs
  • means minor routine repairs versus large-scale, production-halting repairs and
  • improves safety conditions

Let Conair help you with your Preventive Maintenance

Finding the time and the expertise to audit your internal preventive maintenance program can be nearly impossible. That’s why Conair offers a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Factory-trained Conair Service personnel can be scheduled to perform preventive maintenance procedures on your Conair equipment – once a year, quarterly, monthly –whatever best fits with your needs. Advanced scheduling of this service allows Conair to optimize travel and labor costs enabling us to pass these savings on to you.

During the preventive maintenance audit Conair personnel can make recommendations for replacing parts, on-hand spare parts, possible equipment upgrades and additional training. You can expect Conair service experts to preserve and enhance your equipment reliability.

Do-it-yourself Preventive Maintenance forms

If you have elected to establish your own Preventive Maintenance Program use these handy Preventive Maintenance Checklists to conduct your PM:

Download Preventive Maintenance Info Sheet