MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks

MedLine® MedVac Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Absolutely Consistent Dimensional Control

Medline® MedVac flood-cooling sizing tanks are uniquely designed to meet the specialized process needs of medical tubing manufacturers. These high...

Extrusion auxiliary equipment

HTMP Series Multi-Pass Tanks

Save Space, Eliminate Stretch and Tighten Tolerances

HTMP multi-pass tanks accommodate tight space demands for high speed, high rate tubing production. High technology vacuum sizing is integrated...

MT Vacuum Sizing Tanks

MT Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Water/Air Separation Ensures Vacuum Stability

Conair MT Series vacuum sizing tanks provide stable vacuum for precise sizing of tube and profile extrusions up to 4.5...

MSBHI series water spray tanks

MSBHI Series Water Spray Tanks

Keyhole Tank Design: Minimizes Plumbing / Enhances Flow

Conair MSBHI Series cooling tanks produce a high-pressure spray that cools tube and profile extrusions faster and in less space...

PipeMaster MCVBH Pipe Vacuum Tank

PipeMaster™ MCVBH Series Pipe Vacuum Tank

Vacuum Tanks Specifically Designed for Pipe

Conair’s PipeMaster MCVBH and MTVBH Series tanks are vacuum tanks specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for the pipe industry....