ESA-22 to ESA-136 air-cooled central chiller

Air-Cooled Models ESA-22 to ESA-136

Nominal Capacity from 22 Tons to 136 Tons

Engineered to meet the most demanding job schedules, these chillers are ideal for plastic processors. Units are self-contained and easy...

Conair Air-cooled central chiller models A-156SK to A-527SK

Air-Cooled Models A-156SK to A-527SK

Chilling Capacity from 156 to 527 Tons

The Conair Air-Cooled A-SK series Central Chillers are engineered to meet the most demanding needs of plastic processors. The modular...

Conair central chillers

ESE Series Central Chillers

Capacities From 10 to 160 Tons

ESE Series Central Chillers are designed for cooling applications between 10 and 160 tons, and can be linked with one...

Water-Cooled Central Chiller Model W-86SK

Water-Cooled Models W-86SK to W-268SK

Cooling Capacities from 86 Tons to 268 Tons

Provide chilled fluid for industrial applications from a central location with the Conair Water-Cooled W-SK Series Central Chillers. The simple...

Water-Cooled Central Chiller W-139 Model

Water-Cooled Models W-210SK to W-463SK

Cooling Capacities from 210 Tons to 463 Tons

Free up factory floor space with the Conair Water-Cooled W-SK Central Chillers. These large-capacity, heavy-duty chillers make the most of...