MCB Cooling Tank

MCB Series Cooling Tank

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

Conair MCB Series cooling tanks provide flood or optional spray cooling of profile, tubing and pipe extrusions up to 6...

MPCB series cooling tank

MPCB Series Multi-Pass Tanks

Use 80% Less Floor Space!

Conair’s MPCB Series multi-pass tanks are designed for applications where space is tight and a combination puller/cooling tank is needed....

ECB Series Cooling Tank

ECB Series Cooling Tank

Spray or Flood Cooling of Extruded Profiles, Tubing, and Pipe

ECB Cooling Tanks provide flood cooling or optional spray cooling for profile, tubing, and pipe extrusions up to 6 inches...

PipeMaster MSBH Pipe Spray Tank

PipeMaster™ MSBH Series Pipe Spray Tank

Highly-efficient spray tanks that utilize the process of extreme turbulent cooling

Conair’s PipeMaster MSBH spray tanks are the second stage of the pipe production downstream line. Just after properly sizing the...