• Precision Series Belt Pullers
    Precision Series Belt Pullers
    Smooth, Reliable Pulling for Tubing / Profiles

    Conair Precision Series Belt Pullers combine exceptional application versatility with low investment and installation costs.

  • BP Series Belt Pullers
    Accurate, Reliable Pulling for Tubing and Profiles

    Conair BP Series belted pullers with a consistent pulling force offer a wide range of belt speeds and contact lengths for maximum flexibility.

  • Cleated Pullers
    CP Series Cleated Pullers
    Strong Pulling Performance, Day After Day After Day

    Conair CP Series cleated pullers are expertly designed to grip large extrusions and pull them smoothly through cooling and push them onto cutting operations.

  • PipeMaster MBC Pipe Haul-Off
    PipeMaster™ MBC Series Pipe Haul-Off Unit
    Specifically designed for pipe processors

    Conair’s PipeMaster MBC Series Pipe Haul-Off pullers were specifically designed for pipe processors. These provide consistent pulling force using 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 belts.

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.