12 Series Viper Granulators

Easy Access for Cleaning and Care

The innovative and adaptable hardened cutting chamber on the Conair Viper Granulator 12-Series granulators allows these granulators to be configured...


6 Series Viper Granulators

Solid-Core Rotor for Efficient Cutting Action

Conair’s Viper Granulator 6-Series granulators are ideal for the processor who has small injection molding machines and wants exceptional value...

8 Series Viper Granulator

Easy Maintenance; Excellent Productivity

Conair’s Viper Granulator 8-Series tangential granulators have footprint dimensions at least 30% smaller than many other granulators with similar capabilities....

Conair S-Series granulators

S Series

Ultra-Low RPM for Clean Regrind

Compact S Series Granulators are ideally suited for metered robot or conveyor feed beside small injection molding machines. This quiet,...