Extrusion with Conair

  • Guarantee your uptime

    Weak engineering and poor-fit design leads to waste, inefficiency and poor quality. You need to be confident that you’re installing a line that’s efficient, consistent and built to your precise specs.

    Conair’s team of engineers tests any process at our Technical Center to verify great results before installing any equipment in your facility. Another team is ready to make sure start-up goes smoothly.

    Runoffs and FATs in our Technical Center are great, but nothing beats proving performance on-site. We confirm our equipment performs to all your specs before considering installation a job well done.

  • Upgrade to a line designed from your point-of-view

    Most suppliers are quick to sell you on the equipment they want you to buy. To them, whether that equipment is truly right for you is not the point.

    With Conair, it’s different. By understanding your process, product and facility footprint, we specify extrusion equipment suited to your operation. It’s not about what we want. It’s about what you need.

Learn more about our equipment below. If you have any questions about how it would fit for your application, we’d love to talk shop and specs.