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Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer with Conair

  • Plastics Manufacturer downtime

    Need to shorten cycle time?

    Heat transfer is more than keeping equipment from failure. When Conair installs a right-fit heat transfer system (like a closed-loop system if mineral scaling or laminar flow is an issue at your facility), you’ll unlock impactful productivity gains. Cooling phases on your equipment will shrink, and you’ll see more predictable temperature control over time.

    With a shorter cooling phase, you shorten your cycle time. And when it comes to cycle time, small gains make a big difference. Imagine shaving three seconds off a 30-second cycle. What can you achieve with that 10% productivity boost?

  • Temperature regulation issues go beyond equipment failure

    Plant managers’ most common reaction to temperature control issues is to look for a new chiller or TCU (Temperature Control Unit).

    But in reality, system design and implementation errors are the leading source of the problem, NOT faulty equipment.

    Engage a heat transfer equipment expert early on in a project to counter problems before they have the chance to upend production. Your procurement team will thank you.

  • Scale heat transfer effectively

    Many plastics manufacturers confront temperature control problems when they add new production lines. Typically, they define additional capacity requirements and then buy the chiller that can handle that added capacity, with little thought of the larger temperature control system at work in their plant.

    The right equipment supplier views heat exchange as a system function rather than merely a piece of equipment. With an expert on your side, you’re empowered to implement a heat transfer system that brings harmony and balance to your facility — now and in the future.

Learn more about our equipment below. If you have any questions about how it would fit for your application, we’d love to talk shop and specs.