TrueFeed™ Gravimetric Feeder

TrueFeed™ TF Models

Costly Downtime Eliminated

Optimize your feeding process with the Conair TrueFeed™ Gravimetric Feeder. Units are simple to install and use, extremely accurate and...

TrueFeed™ Touch Control

TrueFeed™ Touch Control

User-Friendly Touchscreen Feeder Control

Selecting the touchscreen control option for your gravimetric feeder gives precise control, optimum efficiency, and extreme savings. Using continuous loss-in-weight...

BFS and BFH At-the-Throat Feeders

BFS and BFH At-The-Throat Models

Precise Metering Reduces Colorant Costs

Conair Feeders provide injection molders and extruders with a versatile, economical way to volumetrically meter colorants or other additives into...

TrueFeed Micro Feeder

TrueFeed™ Micro Feeder

Conair’s TrueFeed Micro Feeder can count and dispense standard and micro pellets on an individual basis. This optometric feeder is...