• Flex Series Shredder
    FLEX Series Shredders
    Flexible Plastic Shredder Design for Maximum Efficiency

    Large quantities of bulk plastic scrap are quickly size-reduced with the FLEX Series Shredders from Conair made specifically for size-reducing high volumes of scrap.

  • Ultra Series Shredder
    ULTRA Series Shredders
    Wide-Open, Sliding Access Simplifies Maintenance

    Designed specifically for high volumes of plastic scrap, the Ultra Series readily accept loose scrap, bundles, and even gaylord quantities of plastic materials.

  • GP Shredder
    GP Shredders
    Shred thick, thin and hard materials with a single shaft

    Conair's GP shredders quickly reduces bulk plastic scrap. Perfect for both thick and thin materials, the GP is designed for general purpose shredding.

What makes up the perfect conveying system?

Conair conveying equipment offers efficient material handling from a single loader to complete conveying system. We'll work directly with you to provide the most optimal and efficient solution possible.