DA-A Dryer Control Image

The DC-A dryer control is now available on mid-sized Conair dryers and MDCW mobile drying/conveying systems. It has been further enhanced with remote access capabilities.

The DC-A dryer control, first launched in late 2016 on smaller Conair Carousel® Plus dryers and MDCW mobile drying/conveying systems, is now available on mid-sized dryers and has been further enhanced with remote access via Virtual Network Computing (VNC). This new capability, not previously available on the DC-A control, means that users can interface with the control using any Internet-connected device from virtually anywhere just as if they were standing in front of the dryer on the plant floor. Any operation that can be performed on the dryer interface – monitoring conditions, changing settings, responding to alarms, troubleshooting or downloading process data — can also be performed remotely.

The DC-A control is based on the well-known Allen-Bradley micro 850 PLC platform that supports many advanced capabilities. It has a 7-inch color display with intuitive graphical design, minimal text and no function codes to decipher. It provides descriptive help screens for operators and features auto-start capabilities, password protection and has Conair’s Drying Monitor capabilities built in. Trending capabilities simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, while providing users with information they can use to optimize drying parameters and save energy.

The new DC-A control is standard equipment on Carousel Plus dryer Models 15 to 300, and on MDCW Models 15 to 200. Carousel Plus Models 150 to 400 are available with either the DC-A control or the DC-T, which has a larger touch screen. It can manage multiple drying configurations, like the ResinWorks® central drying systems, and includes a range of communication options.