Conair Group has introduced compact and affordable GP Series shredders for plastics processors who need to reduce hard scrap that is too large for a granulator, but who don’t need the high throughput or cost of a larger shredding machine.

“Conair’s new GP, or general purpose, shredders are for processors who need a compact, cost-effective but powerful shredder for small to moderate throughputs of purgings, pipe and profile scrap, or sheet scrap. We’ve designed it from the ground up to be an ‘entry-level’ shredder, combining durable, reliable performance with low-maintenance features that have, until now, only been available on our much larger shredding equipment,” said Dave Miller, Conair’s general manager, size reduction.

The new GP Series is comprised of two models, with the GP 924 featuring a 24-inch cutting chamber and the larger GP 935 equipped with a 35-inch chamber. Within each chamber, scrap is reduced by a single 8.7-inch (220 mm) diameter steel rotor that cuts against a fixed blade knife, both of which are drop-forged from 4140 high-alloy steel for maximum durability. Rotors are equipped with four-sided, indexable cutting knives (23 or 35, depending on the model) that can be unbolted and rotated to provide fresh cutting edges between sharpenings. The fixed-blade knife, or anvil, also offers dual cutting edges, so it can be unbolted and flipped 180 degrees to provide extended service before sharpening is required. Reduced scrap flows through a filter screen into a hopper area at the bottom of the machine.

Power to the single-shaft rotor is provided by a high-efficiency 25 hp or 40 hp AC motors, coupled through a large belt drive to an oversized, heavy-duty gearbox. These drivetrains, housed in the base of the shredder, produce high cutting torque at relatively low rotor RPM to reduce even thick scrap with limited noise.

Standard GP Series shredders offer a large, open-top infeed hopper, capable of accepting gaylord-sized batch feeds. At the bottom of the hopper, a horizontal, hydraulic ram drives scrap into the cutting chamber. The ram feed is configured for low maintenance, with top and side scrapers that clean and shield the ram face, preventing shredded material from entering and interfering with the ram mechanism.

Ram direction and speed, as well as overall shredder operation, are controlled through programmable logic controller, accessed through a color touchscreen HMI and a master power switch. The HMI offers access to a series of configurable shredding programs as well as onboard alarms that alert operators to changing operational conditions. The GP Series shredders also include complete electromechanical safeties that disable shredder operation during maintenance access until all equipment access points are properly closed and secured.

For processors with unique size-reduction requirements, Miller says that GP Series shredders offer a wide variety of configuration and equipment options. “We offer everything from special hoppers, infeed conveyors, and blowers to all of the ancillary equipment needed to build and operate a turnkey shredding system linked to a secondary granulator.”

The Conair Group ( offers innovative auxiliary equipment solutions to plastics processors around the world. With 32 degreed engineers, including 16 senior team members with an average of over 23 years of experience, Conair brings unparalleled technical expertise and support to its customers, guaranteeing its products will deliver maximum productive uptime. Twenty parts and service team members respond to tens of thousands of calls each year, answering in an average of about 15 seconds. Over 450 individual products include resin drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment, and granulators. Extrusion solutions include line-control systems, film, and sheet scrap-reclaim systems, and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. Conair also has specialized expertise in every major end market – such as packaging, medical, transportation, building and construction, and many others – and strives to ensure plastics processors succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.



New GP shredder from Conair
New GP Series general-purpose shredders from Conair are designed for small to medium throughputs of even the hardest scrap. They blend compact design with durable performance and low-maintenance features, including indexable fixed-blade and rotor-mounted cutting knives for long life between sharpenings.

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